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Making use of the state-of-the-art food product processing and preservation technologies, we have created an innovative product range that indicates a direction for the development of specialised food. We have combined the most desirable qualities of functional food in one product.

We serve each PROPORTION on a dish made of durable and healthy

material resistant to high temperatures.

Thanks to this, you can prepare your meal within 2 minutes minutes

by heating it in a microwave or using the traditional method. The applied easy-peel solution allows you to remove the upper foil from the plate easily.



Take off the tray.



Because of our special technological preservation process, PROportion instant dishes do not have to be kept in a refrigerator  - it is a very practical solution, particularly during transport.


You have forgotten to take your lunch to work? PROportion is an excellent

solution – it is dietetic, nourishing and quick to prepare.



A convenient and nourishing meal. No dish washing is necessary. It can be stored outside a refrigerator.


An easy-to-digest and

tasty portion of energy before exercise.

It supplements protein after exercise.


Nutritional parameters selected in a manner that helps to reduce your body weight. The high satiety index reduces the feeling

of hunger and a sudden decrease of the blood sugar level.


For people who live a busy life and do not always have time to prepare a balanced meal. It is ready in 2 minutes.


PROportion instant dishes are subjected to the heat treatment process that is similar to the pasteurisation process: the meal is heated up to a high temperature (above 100°C) for a short time, which removes any harmful microbiota, microorganisms and endospores  –  these are the prerequisites for a long-lasting product that does not require chemical preservation. The ready and packed meal is heated up in a specialised device where the preservation process can take place without damaging the internal product feed and the package itself.

Apart from the technological process itself, the key to creating a long-lasting product that does not require the use of preservatives is to use a high-quality high-barrier package and maintain the highest quality standards of the process on the production line.


The combination of all qualities mentioned above results in a product that lacks preservatives and, at the same time, retains quality for a long time without having to be kept in cool temperature conditions.


In the production of PROportion dishes, we use the most innovative and technologically advanced solutions available around the world.


Even if you have little time to prepare nourishing and light dishes, you can maintain your daily energy balance on the desirable level. PROportion lunch dishes are an innovative product created with unusual care at every stage of production with the use of top-quality ingredients. These balanced meals guarantee the easy control of calories in your diet, proper energy density and a unique taste.


Discover all tastes of PROportion:



Juicy pieces of meat with barley groats and carrot, in excellent mustard-based sauce. For lovers of dry gentian root that enhances the taste of the best part of the chicken.



You can buy PROportion products in all  Rossmann  chain shops

and selected  Carrefour , Auchan and Żabka  outlets in Poland.

In the UK, our distributor is Supplemental Group. 

The offer is also available in the producer’s e-shop:

Keep visiting our website or Facebook channel, where we will inform you about the expansion of our distribution network with new outlets.

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Dystrybucja Rossmann
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